Meyssan's Conspiracy Theory Deck: Osama the Joker

Yahoo!, via Right on the Left Beach

Breaker posits this deck as more proof the French are not our friends. Well, there are definitely groups of French who despise America, and Theirry Meyssan is among them. He's the creator of the "Find the Boeing" website, which purported to show that no plane struck the Pentagon on 9/11. He is a nutcase, in other words, or someone who's found a way to profit off inane conspiracy theories.

And this card deck is his latest product. I bring it to your attention because of an interesting twist in the deck - Osama bin Laden is one of the jokers in the deck!

I've spent a lot of time debunking crazy theories like Meyssan's. I'd always heard that Osama was just a patsy (kinda like Oswald in the JFK conspiracy theories, another one I'm not buying). This does make his selection as a joker rather apt in Meyssan's world, but the caption gives Osama a different role than patsy: he's made out to be a CIA agent in charge of "dividing Islamists from nationalists," whose current mission is "to foment a clash between the 'Arab-Muslim' and 'Jewish-Christian' worlds." Hooboy! Stop bogarting that joint, Theirry!

As you can tell, this theory degrades into the most repugnant anti-Semiticism imaginable, and a lot of French-based anti-Americanism probably finds its root in this savage belief. But none of this shows that the French as a whole hate America. Does America have enemies who are French? Yes, they do. But France is not America's enemy. Let's keep that in mind...