Bush Speech on Iraq Sunday Night: Are You Ready for Some Football?


We are in, as Scott McClellan says, "a critical moment in the war on terrorism." Critical for the Bush Administration, at least. They're about to lose their ability to wage this war, because We the People are kicking them out of office. Hence, the speech.

Tom Toles, thanks to No More Mister Nice Blog.

According to my TV Guide, the speech will be given right before the last games of NFL: Week One. Will the games be held so the public can hear the President? ESPN has the Raiders vs. the Titans, and ABC has the Bucs and the Eagles at 9:00. This couldn't have anything to do with Bush getting the game ball, could it? I wonder what Rush will have to say?

Evidently, Karl Rove sees the NFL audience as its primary market for the next Bush presidency. Hmmmmm. I'm thinking of a word, I'm thinking of a word...boycott?