Ten Commandments of the CJRM

I: I am the Chief Justice Roy Moore (CJRM) - Thou shalt have no other views but my Godly Christian views.

II: Thou shalt have a large graven image of my Ten Commandments placed in your public buildings for all to see and bow down before and worship - for I the CJRM am a vainglorious CJRM.

III: Thou shalt not understand that the CJRM is doing it for the publicity.

IV: Remember the dates of the various television appearances of the CJRM and watch them unfailingly. There can be no great act of devotion to the CJRM than to attend to his every public appearance, for the CJRM has many Godly Christian views and you will be responsible for them all.

V: Believe what the CJRM tells you about the Godly Christian views of the founding fathers of this Godly Christian nation and honor this Godly Christian view of them.

VI: Thou shalt not impeach the CJRM.

VII: Thou shalt not listen to the "higher" courts of law in this nation.

VIII: Thou shalt not overrule the CJRM and remove the huge graven image of the Ten Commandments.

IX: Thou shalt not speak thy own understanding - I am the CJRM.

X: Thou shalt not covet thine own expression of religion in a governmental setting - this nation of the CJRM is a Godly Christian nation, so get used to it.